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God is With Us!

Holy Nativity of the Lord Mission is a community of the Diocese of the South, Orthodox Church in America under the Omophorion of His Beatitude, The Most Blessed Tikhon, Archbishop of Washington, Metropolitan of All America and Canada, and His Grace Bishop Nikon, Locum Tenens of the Diocese of the South. 'Holy Nativity Mission' is currently meeting on Sundays at the Barksdale Federal Credit Union South Branch Community Center (5490 Barksdale Blvd) at 10:00 AM to celebrate the Divine Liturgy and on Wednesday evenings at Fr. Jason and Mat' Ashely's House for Vespers, Bible study and dinner. There are two Orthodox Christian parishes in Shreveport, LA – St. George Greek Orthodox Church and St. Nicholas Antiochian Orthodox Church. Together, the Mission and the other two sister parishes are part of the greater Orthodox Church that is made up of over 300,000,000 Christians around the world. As one, we seek to bring the ancient faith and practice of Christ and His apostles to the people of Shreveport and Bossier. In doing so, we pray that those who join us will experience the fullness of life in Christ and His Church.

Holy Nativity is an eclectic mix of people from various backgrounds. Some are ‘cradle’ Orthodox, while others have converted to Orthodoxy as the result of a spiritual journey. Until recently, the majority of Orthodox Churches in the United States were made up of immigrants who brought the treasure of the Apostolic Faith with them from the Holy Lands, Greece, Turkey, Russia and other areas that once made up the Byzantine Empire and beyond. Fortunately, the theology and liturgy of the Church is now accessible to all as the original writings, like the New Testament, have been translated from Greek and other languages into English. Although the Mission uses English as the common language for teaching and worship, we still value and cherish the cultural traditions that protected, preserved and passed on the historic faith of the undivided Christian Church and seek to incorporate them in our liturgical life in order to enrich our experience together. 

We welcome all people to visit the mission. Also, because we understand worship to be a family affair, our older children, toddlers and infants join us in all services. If you are planning to pray with us one Sunday or attend another gathering during the week, please contact Fr. Jason so he can make sure we prepare a special guest packet for you. This will help you learn more about the Mission, and give us the opportunity to show you how much we appreciate your visit. 

We pray your journey of faith continues to move you more and more towards the likeness of Christ. Please know the heart, mind and hands of the Mission are available to assist you as needed on your pilgrimage. Our desire is show the people of Shreveport-Bossier the same love we continue to receive from God and, by His grace, demonstrate to each other.



Blessed and Joyous Great and Holy Pascha to All! 

Pray for our Catechumens!

Please Pray for our Catechumens at Holy Nativity

Please keep Kevin, Mara, Travis, Jennifer, Jack, Jane, Murray, Dane, Elizabeth, Aubre and Jude in your prayers as they prepare to enter the Church.


Our New Land on the Southern Loop

Our Land on the Southern Loop

Thanks be to God! On the Friday before Holy Week we purchased an 10.98 acre tract of land on the Southern Loop. This will be the future home of Holy Nativity. We are very thankful for Dr. Tom Siskron who gifted a large portion of the land to us, Jeff Norris for donating his legal services, Scott Adcock for the discounted appraisal work and Ioannis Petikas for doing our enviornmental study at no charge. Also, we want to thank Kayne  Pierce of Carter Federal Credit Union for financing the deal for us. 



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Holy Nativity of the Lord Mission
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Thank You!


The Blanchard's for the gifts of the Gospel and Epistles Books and incense.  

The McInnis family for all the new liturgical supplies: candles, incense, charcoal, processional cross and processional candles!

The Taylor's for the Pascha candles, Trikirion and icons.

The Cosse's for the brass candle stands.

The anonymous gift of the iconostasis - we know who you are!

The Theo's for the altar and kubuklion.

The Alexander Mijalis family for the gift to purchase a new liturgical item.

An anonymous family for the gift of the Church Library series for adults and children from St. Vladimir Seminary Press.

The Greening family for special incense and a zeon pitcher, the new processional candles, fans and cross and the altar tabernacle. 

The Mission is in need of many other liturgical items. If you want to make a liturgical gift to Holy Nativity, please contact Fr. Jason. He has a very long list of things for you to chose from at you convenience. Thank you.

OCA News
OCA News

Small Parish Forum attracts diverse group from US and Canada
11 hours ago
ForumBishop Melchisedek , Bishop of Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania opened the Forum with a message of encouragement and support.ForumAnnMarie Mecera (left) shared principles and ideas for determining successful charitable outreach for the small parish.ForumArchpriest Daniel Rentel gave the keynote address.ForumArchpriest Jonathan Proctor shared the success story of Holy Trinity in St. Paul, Minnesota.ForumParticipants heard a variety of presentations geared to strengthening the parish, committing to long term viability, and developing reachable goals.ForumArchpriest Daniel Rentel gave the keynote address.ForumDavid Drillock led a choir workshop in which he stressed that smaller choirs may sound better singing in just parts rather than four.ForumParticipants heard a variety of presentations geared to strengthening the parish, committing to long term viability, and developing reachable goals.ForumArchpriest John Reeves discussed the unique characteristics of parishes of different sizes.ForumThe hospitality of Christ the Savior Church, headed by Parish Council President John Fedorko (center) was outstanding and memorable.

The first-ever Small Parish Forum was at Christ the Savior Church here July 10-12, 2014. It was co-hosted by the Diocese of the Midwest and the Archdiocese of Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania.

Geared to parishes with 50 members or less, the forum featured speakers who presented ideas, principles and tactics for strengthening the parish, committing to long term viability, and developing reachable goals.

Participants came from as far away as New England, North Dakota, and Saskatchewan. In addition to clergy and laity attendees from Orthodox parishes, the Byzantine Catholic Eparchy of Parma, Ohio was represented by Priest Dennis Hrubiak.

“It truly was excellently planned and executed!” said an enthusiastic Archpriest William (John) Evansky of Holy Ghost Church, Ambridge, PA and Chancellor of the Archdiocese of Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania. “I heard numerous positive comments from the attendees, many of whom look forward to similar events in the future.”

Presentations were supported with workshops, case studies, clergy and lay breakout sessions, and time for networking. Participants will be given the opportunity to stay in touch with one another for support and reinforcement through an electronic e-mail group.

Given encouragement to hold another conference in 2015, organizers will begin preliminary planning in the coming months and year.

Forum materials may be accessed at

Those interested in attending the 2015 Small Parish Forum will find updates on the Archiocese of Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania web site at

PLANTING GRANT MISSIONS: Spreading the Gospel in New York’s Finger Lakes
21 hours ago

“Christians today are seeking the first century Church,” says Father James Worthington of Holy Apostles Mission here.  “In the Lansing area, they are finding what they seek at Holy Apostles, a mission parish serving the Finger Lakes region of central New York.”

The apostles and the first few generations of disciples gathered in each others’ homes to worship the risen Lord Jesus Christ.

“As these small communities grew, they began to erect beautiful churches and many newcomers flocked to them,” Father James continues. “This has been a model for the Orthodox Church for generations: several of the faithful come together, create worshipping communities, grow their presence in a place and become witnesses to Christ’s love to their neighbors.”

Holy Apostles Mission is part of this tradition.

“What began as several friends yearning for a church of their own has blossomed into a community of some 40 members with its own dedicated, albeit rented, worship space, a full education program and community outreach.”

In August 2010, the community transformed an unused Roman Catholic church into an Orthodox temple.


“Two icon panels were placed by the altar to act as an iconostasis, and the people sang from books that were created by the mission planting parish of Saints Peter and Paul in Endicott, NY,” says Father James.  ” In the almost three years since then, we have seen the placement of a full-time priest and many new faces coming to the divine services and social events!.”

Father James explains that through the sacrificial giving of its members and supporters throughout the Diocese of New York and New Jersey, funds were raised for an iconostasis.

“As an example of the faith and mutual love within this parish, the unfinished iconostasis was set up in my garage, where it was sanded and stained. Almost everyone from the parish and some other friends came out to attend to the work. This was a true community effort showing the love and support we have for one another.”

With the iconostasis placed into the sanctuary and some temporary icons affixed, the community embarked on its next journey: raising more funds for new icons to place on the screen. Within a short amount of time, all of the icons were sponsored, and work has begun on the new icons. “We see this project as an outgrowth of the faithfulness of the parishioners and the blessings of God on our mission parish,” says Father James.

The iconostasis was one visible manifestation of the beautiful spiritual community that is forming in Lansing.


“As part of our training up a new community for the Orthodox Church, we read in the Mission Planters Resource Kit, ‘For the Church to grow there are certain priorities, or prerequisites, that must be met. The first of these is not acquisition of new members. That comes later, and only if other spiritual conditions are met by the existing members. The first and most important priority is for each and every member to know God.’  Therefore, very early in our community’s life, services were offered at least six days a week. In addition to Great Vespers and the Divine Liturgy on the weekends, Morning Prayers are offered Tuesday through Friday. All of the major feast days are celebrated, as well as liturgies on as many namesdays as possible. During the seasons of increased devotion, the opportunities for gathering around the Lord’s table expand even further. This culminated recently in a very full Holy Week and Pascha schedule, which was heart-warmingly well attended. It is the belief of the missionary parishioners here that liturgical services are not one of the ‘aspects’ of the Church; rather, they express its very essence, are its breath, its heartbeat, its constant self-revelation, as Fr Alexander Schmemann has said.

“We also come together for less solemn occasions,” Father James continues.  ” Last December, we held the Christmas eve Holy Supper at the parish for the second time, and shared many traditional foods from the various ethnicities that are represented in the parish.”

Holy Apostles is situated near Ithaca, NY, where two large colleges exist.

“Cornell University in particular has been one of the focuses of the ministry of Holy Apostles Church, and I act as one of the chaplains of the Cornell Orthodox Christian Fellowship, which has grown by leaps and bounds through the last two years,” Father James continues.  “The OCF now offers two lectures each academic year and hosts retreats for other area OCFs at Saint Andrews Camp, Jewell, NY. Additionally, OCA members take their calling to provide service to the community very seriously. For two years now, they have collected supplies for the Advocacy Center, a shelter for battered woman and others in need; and they have volunteered at the local soup kitchen.

“It is through the OCF that Holy Apostles has seen some of its growth throughout the last few years,” says Father James.  “Three students and a faculty member have been chrismated so far. These folks have added a depth to the community that makes us all thankful to God. This also leads to our greatest challenge as a community. With so many students being served by our parish, it is inevitable that many of them will move on to other places after they graduate. We pray to God that a steady flow of new students—both Orthodox and seekers alike—will find their way to Holy Apostles Church.”


Also in December 2013, the mission opened a building fund.

“We did this so that when the community is ready to either build or purchase a temple of our own, we will be in a position to give our mission a permanent home to gather the prayers to our Lord,” explains Father James.  ” There is great hope for the future of Holy Apostles Church, as the parishioners, the Diocese of New York and New Jersey, and the Orthodox Church in America work to establish Orthodoxy in this place. A mission parish cannot be built solely through the few people in a distant location, or a small group left on its own. As a Christian family, we come together and use our God-given talents and material blessings to build up our brothers and sisters. It is through the generous and sacrificial love that so much has been accomplished in Lansing—and how so much more is yet to come!”

OCA Treasurer releases report for first half of 2014
18 Jul 2014 at 9:48am

The report of Ms. Melanie Ringa, Treasurer of the Orthodox Church in America, for the first two quarters of 2014 was made available during the third week of July.

While Ms. Ringa notes in her report that total revenues for the period were under budget by $18,531.00, she adds that “expenses through June 30 were under budget by $91,964.00.”

The report, which is available in its entirety on-line in PDF format, includes comparative balance sheets as of June 30, 2014 and June 30, 2013 and the statement of activities vs. budget.

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